Funeral Celebrant Training


Funeral Celebrancy is a truly wonderful vocation. The impact a well trained Celebrant has on a funeral service is immeasurable. It lifts the standard of not only celebrancy but of the entire funeral industry. A well conducted celebration of life will live forever in the hearts of the family. We teach you how to plan, write and deliver a ceremony of authenticity, substance, meaning and dignity.

Sally Cant has been in this industry for nearly 20 years. She designed this course to train to aspiring Funeral Celebrants ten years ago and has trained thousands of people around the world to create and conduct ceremonies to delight their clients. We offer a couple of different ways to train in Funeral Celebrancy. We offer a self-paced distance/online Funeral course and a two day Face to Face course. Clearly we recommend the face to face classroom rather than distance course for many reasons.


We offer training in Funeral Celebrancy that is unequalled anywhere in Australia. We ensure you are thoroughly trained in all aspects of this service.

Some of the elements included in this course are:
  • Working with grieving families
  • Liaison with other service providers including Funeral Directors
  • Creation and presentation of an individual - authentic - ceremony
  • Presentation skills
  • Improvisation where necessary
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Protocol
  • Appropriate resource selection
  • Poetry and Music appreciation
  • Rituals
  • Understanding grief
  • Venues - Chapels, home, grave side or various other location possibilities
  • Working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultural, social, religious etc.
  • Understanding demarcation lines for other service providers
  • Time Management skills - to ensure you adequately understand the enormous pressure this vocation can place on you.

Testimonials - please see testimonials page

"Prior to attending your weekend workshop I was a newly trained Celebrant but felt I needed that 'little something extra'. Thank goodness I decided to 'follow my instincts' because after completing your two day Funeral Course, it gave me the inspiration to take my work to the next level of professionalism, with confidence and ease. Sally, with Heart & Soul your ability to generously convey your knowledge very openly and liberally, is unprecedented and you display the highest standard of excellence and integrity in all that you do. I was extremely privileged to witness each student receive the maximum level of 'nurturing encouragement and support', to attain their goal for the weekend, which was a little challenging but well worth the personal growth. Your commitment and dedication to the Funeral Industry is profound and we are very Blessed to have you" Lesley Marriott

Dear Sally,

I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable knowledge & clear guidance that you so willingly shared with myself and the others students at your most recent 'funeral celebrancy course'. I am an authorised marriage celebrant and it was mentioned to me by nameless sources within the industry that I could just 'wing' the funeral celebrancy and give it a go without doing any courses!? 'After all', they said, 'you don't need a 'formal qualification' to be a funeral celebrant!' 'If you can do a wedding, you can do a funeral' right? WRONG!!! J This didn't sit right with me and my intuition told me to do a funeral celebrancy course regardless of anyone suggesting otherwise. Thank goodness I listened to my intuition! It was recommended that I do your course and after finding you, I was able to confirm for myself that the funeral celebrancy is certainly not something anyone could just 'wing' if they plan on delivering a wonderful standard & high level of service. Your experience & knowledge is second to none in my opinion and the advice & understanding I gained from you was priceless. I now head into funeral celebrancy with not only a new found confidence and positive understanding of how to deliver the best funeral, but also, the understanding that I will be handling people's grief in the right way & most importantly, handling myself in the right way- within their grief! - Which was such an important part of the overall course. I also want to say thank you for going above & beyond to help me do a course during the week, this was so beneficial as most of my weekends are tied up with weddings- I really appreciated that. A big & sincere thanks to you Sally, I am so lucky to have found you & so grateful to you for openly sharing your knowledge & guiding us so beautifully through your lessons. Rebecca Brady - Melbourne Celebrant

Thank you – for the wonderful two days I spent participating in your Sydney Funeral Course. The information, advice and suggestions you imparted to us were inspiring. I can see why you are asked by celebrants to be their mentor, and why you have a successful business. You are down to earth, but professional at the same time. You were easy to talk to, and didn't sugar coat things (which helped to keep some people's expectations on the right track) Clarice - Sydney

I just wanted to write and thank you again for such a great training week end. It was so informative, lively and well presented, with lots of interaction and hardly a power point slide in sight - such a refreshing change! I really appreciated your generous sharing of experience and knowledge, and feel very glad I chose to do my training with you. ( I chose you actually because I appreciated your honesty when I was enquiring about the course). So much was packed into such a short time. Your passion and enthusiasm for the job has really inspired me. Megan - Sydney

Thank you so much for the last two days of Funeral Celebrancy training. The experience was fantastic even if I did feel exhausted afterwards.....all that emotional energy expended I guess! Your professional, practical and inclusive approach made an important and sensitive area of learning much easier than expected. I am looking forward to moving on with this new challenge in my life knowing that you are there to give me such a good grounding. Warm regards Karen Berry Feb 2013

Firstly, I want to say how inspired I am since completing the two day Funeral Celebrant course. I felt reasonably confident and considered not doing the course but am so glad I decided to attend. I have already started putting my documentation together and feel so much more confident about starting my career as a Funeral Celebrant, although I am also quite nervous. Listening to your instructions on how to deal with this were so practical and helpful. Thankyou most sincerely for two wonderful days which were both informative and inspiring. I also enjoyed sharing with the other participants – what a diverse and interesting group. Yours sincerely Maggie Goss Feb 2013

I wanted to thank you most sincerely for the past 2 days. It has been a most engaging and constructive experience. Not only have I learnt an enormous amount, I also feel as though my identity has shifted into a whole new space. Again, thank you so much for your generosity, professionalism, and compassion. I could not have asked for more. Kind regards Anthea McGuigan Feb 2013 (Anthea flew from Perth to Melb to attend the course)

Thank you for a fantastic course, I feel really fortunate to have had such a competent and experienced teacher. Thank you Dianna Farrell 2012

I have completed numerous courses with you, including marriage celebrant OPD’s and a weekend funeral course. Even though the funeral course was wonderful, it was, at the time, quite daunting and until now, two years later, I thought it was something I could never actually perform. When my son’s best friend died a couple of weeks ago, his family asked if I could take the service and initially I said “no”….but after calling and talking to you and hearing your inspiring words, I decided that I go ahead, not just for the family, but for myself as well.

Thank you so much for your time and support, which certainly helped me overcome my fears and also encouraged me out of my “comfort zone”. I know I would not have gone ahead without speaking with you. You are always so helpful and give so freely of your time. Your courses are always fun and informative and have helped me gain the confidence necessary to carry out wedding ceremonies and now, funeral services as well. Chris H - June 201

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