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GREAT NEWS - Sally Cant and Dudley Raine have been engaged by the International College of Celebrancy to train their OPD. We have created a couple of new topics that have been approved by the AGD incuding: Transferring to and from another Celebrant - and  What do I do now? - both of which should interest many celebrants.

Please check the OPD link at the top.

 We loved catching up with so many celebrants in 2014 as we delivered the OPD -  We have created a number of exciting new topics that are now available:

  • 3 hrs - What do I do now? - we will address many questions about what you could do when things just dont go to plan - prior to - during and after a wedding
  • 3 hrs - Transferring to and from a Celebrant - this will address the process we go through if you take over from another celebrant - or you transfer to another celebrant
  • 2 hrs - BDM Online Software Training  - step by step process of how to use the BDM Victorian online celebrants software


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