Why study with us?

What's different about us - we are practicing successful industry celebrants who are only more than happy to share our experience and resources with others. We are accessible to you at all times. A real person is there with you every step of the way via phone or email. This course offers you direct contact with your trainer, an online closed chat group and high quality resources. Our Celebrancy courses have all been created by Sally Cant, one of Australia’s most knowledgeable celebrants with over 26 years experience as a celebrant, teacher, and published author. Her books are often used as text books by other training organisations.

Do we mentor Celebrants?

Yes we most certainly do. We feel the mentoring program suits many people. It is personalised to suit your needs.

Is there a FaceBook group available?

Yes there is a closed Facebook Group where all our students and graduates chat regualrly. This has proven to be very popular. The group is all inclusive and extremely helpful during your studies and after you are working in the industry.

Do we train CERT IV in Celebrancy?

No we do not - we suggest you speak to Qualtrain about this training and read the Attorney General's Website for more information.   https://www.ag.gov.au/FamiliesAndMarriage/Marriage/Pages/Becomingamarriagecelebrant.aspx

Funeral Courses

Our passion is training Funeral Celebrants.

What will I learn in the funeral course?

The funeral celebrants training provided in this course covers all the skills necessary for a successful career as a Funeral Celebrant including:

  • Working with grieving families
  • Liaising with other service providers including Funeral Directors
  • Creation and presentation of an individual, authentic ceremony
  • Presentation skills
  • Improvisation where necessary
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • The importance of protocol
  • Appropriate resource selection
  • Poetry and Music appreciation
  • The beauty and symbolism of rituals
  • Understanding grief
  • Venues - Chapels, home, graveside or various other location possibilities
  • Working with people from a diverse range of social, cultural, and religious backgrounds
  • Understanding demarcation lines for other service providers
  • Time Management skills - to ensure you adequately understand the enormous pressure this vocation can place on you

We offer training in Funeral Celebrancy that is unequaled anywhere in Australia. If you want the best training from the most experienced instructors in the country, call The Celebrants Training College on 0408 691 405, or book online via our secure online payment facilities.

Are there assignments to complete for the Funeral Course?

Yes there is one assignment to complete. Af the two day intensive you complete a part of the written assignment. After the two day class the remainder of the assignment is completed at home. If you enrol in the distance/online course you have the 1 assignment to complete in full at home.

Why study Funeral Celebrancy with us?

What's different about us - We are practicing successful industry funeral celebrants who are only more than happy to share our experience and resources with others. We are accessible to you at all times. A real person is there with you every step of the way via phone or email. This course offers you direct contact with your trainer, an online learning forum and high quality resources. We have over 26 years in the funeral industry and have taught this course for 20 years.

Why should I do the face to face classroom - instead of the online course?

There are many reasons why we suggest you join the 2 day class for this course. We did not create this course for people to study by distance unless they were remote - there is just so much to learn.

Firstly this course is not as easy as many people think it is. Secondly you will spend two days face to face with a very experienced celebrant and trainer that will guide and instruct you. Thirdly you get to be part of a class - and that for many people is reason enough to join the class rather than study by yourself in a course that most people find much more difficult than first thought. If you choose online/distance we are there to assist you but you are not given that two days intensive that gets you so much more motivated and confident to attempt your studies.

What qualification is required to become a funeral celebrant?

There are no qualification required to become a funeral celebrant. However due to the specific nature of this work we do believe any person wishing to be a funeral celebrant should be trained.

What happens if I can't complete the course in the allocated time?

For the Funeral Course we give you 6 months which we feel is more than enough time if you are dedicated to your study. However - if we feel you have been studying well and you're close to finished you can apply to us for a ONE MONTH extension. There is a cost associated to extentions, which can be discussed at anytime. If you do not make contact with us before the completion date  - your course will expire 6 months after your start date (the day your face to face course started or the date you received your course material pack from us)

What resources are required for you to complete this course of study

  • You must have a computer with internet access.
  • You must have functional email as mot correspondence throughout your studies is via email
  • You must have people who will be there to assist you in conducting a mock ceremony for your assignments, you must have availability to record a couple of tasks. These can also be handled over zoom with an assessor at a cost.

How long does the course take to complete?

We believe that most students will take anywhere between 1and 2 months to complete this course. The time it takes varies due to a number of factors - your level of education, your skill level and your ability to put time aside to study.

How do we support you whilst you study?

Unlike many other organisations we are here to hold your hand if you need it. Yes, you can get us on the phone. Yes you can email your trainer direct. Yes you have the trainers phone number. We offer a closed FB group where you can chat to other students and trainers.  WE ENSURE YOU FEEL SUPPORTED THROUGHOUT YOUR STUDIES WITH US


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