FUNERAL CELEBRANT COURSE - Live Zoom session 23/24 May 2020

FUNERAL CELEBRANT COURSE -  Live Zoom session 23/24 May 2020

This is a comprehensive two day intensive course, with a suitably qualified Funeral Celebrant/Trainer, that provides you with the necessary knowledge required to be a successful Funeral Celebrant. The course will give you the required skills to enable you to be well trained when working with the bereaved, and to confidently create and conduct a funeral ceremony.

Topics to be covered:

  • Liaison with the Funeral Director and their personnel
  • Gaining the appropriate information to allow you then contact the family, and the ongoing need to communicate with them.
  • Liaising with family and friends.
  • Client communication techniques
  • Accurate written and verbal instructions.
  • Listening skills, grief awareness, empathy, confidentiality and respect.
  • Understanding how to work with different personalities
  • Designing a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family.
  • Understanding the options pertaining to required elements of ritual and symbolism.
  • Writing and selecting appropriate material for presentation.
  • Writing the service and writing a eulogy.
  • Writing an authentic ceremony
  • Accurate interpretation of verbal and written information and instructions.
  • The ability to improvise and problem solve with limited resources
  • We will look at how to write a sample of a funeral ceremony for a baby, a person who has committed suicide, an accident victim, a person who has led a long life.
  • The order and structure of the ceremony.
  • Skills on how to help other speakers at the funeral
  • Role and overview of others - RSL, Freemasons.
  • Appropriate resource selection
  • Words, poems, symbols, music, and power point presentations.
  • Information about the mortuary and crematorium
  • Health regulations regarding burials and cremations.
  • Ability to relate to people from a range of social, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Time management skills
  • Working with Funeral Directors, and other associated professionals within the required protocols.
  • Adherence to professional dress standards.
  • Ability to display dignity and solemnity.
  • Stress management skills and the ability to manage emotions.


Course Details

Course date 23-05-2020 9:00 am
Course end date 24-05-2020 4:00 pm
Course Fee $495.00
Location Zoom teleconferencing LIVE TRAINING SESSION
We are no longer accepting registration for this event