I had been wanting to do Sally’s Funeral Celebrancy training for a number of years, and now I wish I hadn’t delayed. Having attended a lot of funerals in both personal and professional capacities, and being an observant person, I thought I had a fair understanding of the celebrant’s role in end of life ceremonies.  I was wrong.  Sally’s training far exceeded my expectations in terms of how to craft ceremonies that are meaningful and cohesively support speakers and other ceremonial aspects. I’ve frequently said in my own end of life work that the little things never are, and this rang true again with this training. It’s the nuances that Sally teaches that will enhance the personalisation of the ceremony so that it serves the loved ones and honours the deceased. Thanks Sally, I feel confident that I can now co-create truly meaningful ceremonies that will help in facilitating healing and not add trauma to the loved ones’ grieving experience.

Sharon Tregoning Spiritual Counsellor | End of Life Doula | End of Life Celebrant

Nothing could give me greater pleasure than to bind my love of words around a Testimonial for The Celebrants Training College. Such was the strength of the Principal, Sally Cant's charisma at the time of my search for the right Celebrant Training, that her invitation to train with her at the Celebrants Training College was a no-brainer. My intuition proved right. Sally Cant and her team of educators proved to be highly professional, thorough and suitably demanding of a standard of excellence that gave me enormous confidence. Every step of the way, they were there for me without once making me feel inadequate or incapable of achieving the goal of becoming a celebrant of quality. At 74 I've enjoyed a career in Show Business and running an Arts Centre: to now have this careful, sensitive training that enables me to bring great joy or comfort to those requiring a celebrant... is the actor's version of the 'Smell of the Grease Paint'. I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently to Sally Cant and her team who have opened up a whole new part of the Rainbow for me to explore and deliver to others. What better training could there possibly be... but that! Nancy Cato 

Nancy-Cato 101

Image by Justin Hill Photographer - justinhillphotographer.com

The trainer was outstanding  - knowledge, empathy and a plethora of experience to share. It could not be improved in any way - worth every cent!! Thank you - SUE BEATTIE-JOHNSON - MELBOURNE

I can’t recommend Sally Cant’s face-to-face Celebrancy Training  highly enough.  An online course could not begin to replace the insights that Sally imparts to her students.  Listening to her comment on a wedding video is a master class in itself.   Sally’s enthusiasm for Celebrancy in all its forms is infectious.  She is also a consummate businesswoman and master of marketing.  If you are considering a career in Celebrancy, this is your opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business.  Her generous spirit and on-going advocacy benefits all of us who choose Celebrancy as a first, second or third career. RANDALL PEARCE - SYDNEY

In choosing a new career path later in life you often second guess your decisions..... But once I walked into The Celebrants Training College classroom I knew my decision was a good one. The comprehensive course materials, assessments and training I received from the College and my trainer, Dudley Raine, was brilliant. It was detailed leaving no question unanswered. The class was relaxed providing a great environment for learning and learn we did. I was surprised with the amount of information I took in over that three days. After the face to face training I was not forgotten, if there was a question or query I could count on Dudley or Sally replying to my email or picking up the phone and that support still continues today. The training is professional and inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone pursuing a career as a Celebrant. LEE WATTS - SYDNEY

Sally, thank you so much for this weekend training. Best delivery of a course I have ever experienced from a trainer. Your passion is contagious. Life changing - Thank you Monica Valenti  MELBOURNE

After an action packed weekend, my brain is STILL processing everything we went through. What an absolutely fantastic 3 days, delivered in such a high calibre manner.  Thanks to Sally for putting together such a wonderful course and to Dudley as well. Beautiful insights, smartly structured learning and confidence inspiring leadership from the both of you! Stuart Hill - MELBOURNE

Thank you for your help and also thank you for a great course, I have completed degrees, masters and many post graduate courses as well as diplomas, while they were in finance, I believe that was one of the most interactive and well run courses I have attended. Kind regards, Owen Lloyd - MELBOURNE

It was a leap of faith for me to sign up to a private training college. And a leap of faith to trust that three days of face to face learning would keep me motivated and enthused throughout months of home study.  But I took that risk and I’m so glad I did! Sally’s knowledge, energy and passion are exceptional. She took a group of naïve and bumbling students and made us really believe that we could be celebrants. And not just ordinary celebrants, but great celebrants.  Sally is a natural teacher and so generous in sharing what she knows whether it be a tricky part of the marriage legislation or how to discreetly position a microphone. The follow up training done at home (with support) was also impressive: comprehensive, well structured, and interesting. As a confident writer and speaker, I was surprised at how much I learned through writing ceremonies and conducting a mock wedding. (And I will never again make the mistake of handing the bride a pencil, not a pen!). I’m so glad I chose Celebrants Training College, and would heartily recommend Sally and her team. With warmest wishes ROS HARRIS

The Celebrant Training college was recommended to me by the celebrant who performed my wedding ceremony only 12 months prior. She had been a graduate of the Celebrants Training College under the guidance of Sally Cant. I felt inspired by her work and the journey we had together to create and compose my ceremony to become a celebrant myself and help officiate such an important day in couple’s lives . The three day Marriage celebrant course was fantastic, a combination of fun, challenging and extremely practical. Sally was a lively and patient teacher who’s passion for her role as a celebrant was particularly inspiring to us students beginning the journey to our new careers.  I’d like to extend a big thank you to Sally Cnat and Dudley Raine (another trainer and assessor with the College) for their ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire process; long after the three day face to face sessions had ended. They were always approachable and quick to assist with any question I had during the course of my studies. I would highly recommend this rewarding course and training college. LARA WILLIAMS

Whilst studying for my Certificate IV - Marriage Celebrant my mother suddenly passed away and on behalf of my family I spoke at my mother’s funeral.  I reflected on how I touched other people, my father, brother and other family members as well as, and especially, my mother’s friends.  I thought to myself I could do this for other people.  Shortly thereafter I noticed on the Celebrants Training Facebook page the offer of a discounted funeral course.  I snapped this up even though it had only been four weeks since mum’s passing.  Those two days spent with Dudley and other students (one who had also recently lost a loved one) was very enlightening.  I spoke to Dudley for a short time after the funeral course and thanked him for the wonderful two days I had spent doing the course and I also mentioned I was lagging a little with my Marriage Celebrant course as I found it difficult to concentrate after losing mum.  Dudley, you pushed me through with your encouragement and I cannot thank you enough.  You were so encouraging and empathetic and on reflection I learnt a lot in those two days I became a better and stronger person and that says a lot for someone with my personality!   I got straight back into my studies and when I finally presented my mock interview and mock wedding with you AND passing I was jumping with excitement. Without both yours and Sally’s encouragement and professionalism I would not be as confident as I am today to present my first ceremony. Thank you to the Celebrants Training College for being there the whole way, the personal support and encouragement is what has got me through. THANK YOU -  JANE MARSHALL-DOHERTY

Last weekend was such an inspiring and reflective time for me. It was a pleasure to share the training with you all and thank you to Sally for facilitating one of the most memorable and worthwhile learning experiences I've ever had. Krystal Hinwood

I just wanted to write as I presented my ceremony to Sally last weekend. I really enjoyed it, I was so excited to feel it all come together and to feel I am so much closer to being ready to present real ceremonies. I've loved writing the ceremonies as the last part of my studies. Once I made a start, I really enjoyed them and felt like I was on the right path for something that will be really rewarding for me. So I wanted to thank you for your help and support along the way, Sally and Dudley are both such fantastic teachers and also role models for the type of celebrant I hope that I will be. I'm so glad I chose the Celebrant College and would recommend it in a second. Chloe Vieth

Running late on the first day, I was greeted by Dudley (who I think is kindness on legs,) and immediately felt calm due to his warmth and sensitivity. I was touched by his genuine concern and for me that set the tone for that day and the remainder of the course. It was obvious that both you and Dudley were passionate and exacting about the service you provide as trainers and celebrants. A great start! The course was informative, insightful and delivered in a professional manner. During the 3 days I reaffirmed why I chose this course over the many others available . The two main reasons were your obvious passion to produce and provide an excellent service to the community and your commitment to providing ongoing support to students to ensure they have every  opportunity to provide the same. You reminded me of a teacher I once had, wrong, wrong, wrong , do it again only this time do it this way, now go, show me! That style of teaching only comes from those who want their students to learn the right way and produce work of excellence. In this way and with ongoing support and mentoring if required your students are set up to succeed in producing a professional product. As a visual learner , with the benefit of hindsight I believe I would have gained much more from the course if I had of printed my assignments and written notes directly onto them. I am going through that process now. In terms of how I learn , I think , I would swap day 2 to day 1 , with day 1 , being day 2 , and day 3 remaining the same. I say this because, for me and my learning style the information would have been more ordered and also would have given me more time to process and make sense of legal requirements. So the legals, then how we bring it all together . Understanding this about myself has been a great learning curve and I would approach any further courses differently to ensure I gave myself the visuals best suited to my learning style. I have no doubt that I chose the right course with the right trainers for me. Thank you Sally and Dudley for the training you provide, for your insight and for demanding excellence not only of yourselves but from your students as well. It is my belief that in doing so you are doing all you can to ensure services provided to the community by the students you train and mentor do so , legally, respectfully, mindfully , with style and aplomb!! Tracey-Anne Pettigrew

Thanks for facilitating the three days over the last weekend - having been a travelling face-face trainer in a postgraduate course (Maternal and Child Health) for 7 years in the early 2000's these are the things I really appreciated;
your time management - start and finish details and sticking to themresource material was excellent - warm friendly but professional manner to students - your use of narrative and storytelling- practical role-play and exercises- great attention to detail -lovely venue/temp control and food- accessibility- use of humour -your ability to be human Brigid Jenkinson

I very much enjoyed the course and could not have asked for a better presenter/s. There was a lot of sitting and listening and you had my attention for all of it! Summa Rutledge

Firstly may I say thank you so much for the way in which you and Dudley presented the 3 day course I recently attended. It was performed with such professionalism and clarity and made the trip from Wagga so worth the while. There was so much information we got through yet I actually enjoyed being put in that predicament.Training with the other students also helped as we were all in the same stage of learning and all are wanting to be the very best at being authorised celebrants. You gave us that confidence and to me the most important aspect I learnt was that no wedding ceremony should ever be the same and that personalising them to the couples wishes is paramount. Scott Chambers

Thank you so much for the workshop I attended at the weekend.  I love your interactive way of teaching and your amazing stories really highlighted a multitude of different situations a celebrant might encounter. However I believe that you have given us many ideas and strategies on how to respond to just about anything. - Jane Gillespie - Sydney

Firstly may I say thank you so much for the way in which you presented the 3 day course I recently attended. It was performed with such professionalism and clarity and made the trip from Wagga so worth the while. There was so much information we got through yet I actually enjoyed being put in that predicament.Training with the other students also helped as we were all in the same stage of learning and all are wanting to be the very best at being authorised celebrants. You gave us that confidence and to me the most important aspect I learnt was that no wedding ceremony should ever be the same and that personalising them to the couples wishes is paramount. I will endeavour to do the best I can with these assignments. Thanking you again  Scott Chambers

Running late on the first day, I was greeted by Dudley (who I think is kindness on legs) and immediately felt calm due to his warmth and sensitivity. I was touched by his genuine concern and for me that set the tone for that day and the remainder of the course. It was obvious that both you and Dudley were passionate and exacting about the service you provide as trainers and celebrants. A great start! The course was informative, insightful and delivered in a professional manner. During the 3 days I reaffirmed why I chose this course over the many others available . The two main reasons were your obvious passion to produce and provide an excellent service to the community and your commitment to providing ongoing support to students to ensure they have every opportunity to provide the same. That style of teaching only comes from those who want their students to learn the right way and produce work of excellence. In this way and with ongoing support and mentoring if required your students are set up to succeed in producing a professional product. I have no doubt that I chose the right course with the right trainers for me. Thank you Sally and Dudley for the training you provide, for your insight and for demanding excellence not only of yourselves but from your students as well. It is my belief that in doing so you are doing all you can to ensure services provided to the community by the students you train and mentor do so, legally, respectfully, mindfully, with style aplomb!! With thanks Tracy-Ann

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Cert IV course. As a teacher it can be quite difficult attending training when you immediately get the sense that the presenter doesn't understand the needs of a learners in front of them. This was definitely not the case over the weekend. You were professional and addressed all of our needs perfectly. I found the content was well delivered. The explanations were clear, stories and examples were engaging and demonstrated a direct link to the information you were trying to convey. Different learning styles were incorporated which meant that we all had the best opportunity to take in the information. I felt the pace of the days was well thought out, and I really like the way you included everyone and made sure that everyone in the class felt supported and understood what we needed to know. I have found the resources useful and am enjoying working my way through the assignments so far. I am so glad I have found The Celebrants Training College to help me develop my skills and business in Celebrancy. Who knows where it will lead me but I am excited by the prospects. Thanks goes to Sally for the detailed resource documents and for visiting us on Sunday. With both of your help, I hope we will all become excellent advocates for your college and your training. Belinda Page

Sally, I just wanted to thank you for the Training Course last weekend - I came away having  the utmost respect and admiration for you.  It was easy to see that the Celebrants Training College is built on such solid foundations which reflect all of your years of hard work and dedication to your role as a Civil Celebrant.  As a student I felt very privledged under your tutelage. Your experience & expertise aligned with you friendly nature were such a wonderful combination. So thank you so much for a wonderful 3 days in a warm & freindly environment. Thanks again Sally   - I am looking forward  to completing the course and in time being a colleague. Leonie Cook

Thankyou Sally for delivering one of the most uplifting, professional, well structured and enjoyable face to face courses I have ever attended.  The detail of information shared is invaluable and your passion is contagious.  The coursework has provided a great foundation to build on and I look forward to the journey that lies ahead.  Thankyou also to Dudley who has provided great support and feedback.  Best wishes, Julianne Bambacas - Cert IV in Celebrancy - 

Thank you for your feedback on my final assignments. It has been an absolute pleasure and enjoyable experience dealing with you and your team. Again many thanks for your guidance and advice during the course. Leeanne Wright - Cert IV in Celebrancy

I wanted to thank you most sincerely for the past 2 days. It has been a most engaging and constructive experience.  Not only have I learnt an enormous amount, I also feel as though my identity has shifted into a whole new space. Again, thank you so much for your generosity, professionalism, and compassion. I could not have asked for more.  Kind regards Anthea McGuigan

Firstly, I want to say how inspired I am since completing the two day Funeral Celebrant course. I felt reasonably confident and considered not doing the course but am so glad I decided to attend.  I have already started putting my documentation together and feel so much more confident about starting my career as a Funeral Celebrant, although I am also quite nervous. Listening to your instructions on how to deal with this were so practical and helpful. Thankyou most sincerely for two wonderful days which were both informative and inspiring. I also enjoyed sharing with the other participants – what a diverse and interesting group. Yours sincerely Maggie Goss

Thank you so much for the last two days of Funeral Celebrancy training. The experience was fantastic even if I did feel exhausted afterwards…..all that emotional energy expended I guess!   Your professional, practical and inclusive approach made an important and sensitive area of learning much easier than expected. I am looking forward to moving on with this new challenge in my life knowing that you are there to give me such a good grounding. Warm regards Karen Berry

I have been completely satisfied with the course and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.  Back in April when I did a google search and found 3 suppliers I asked my Cousin if she had a suggestion.  She instantly dismissed the other 2 and said if I was to do it properly I should select Sally Cant.  That was great advice at the time.  Since accepting that advice and joining you I have experienced a learning shock after 45 years away from study but as I wrote on my Form at all times if I have had an issue you have always been there to assist.   I am a person very perceptive to knowing if people actually want to help me because if I feel they don’t I don’t want their help.  In every contact or when I came out to your home for some aditional mentoring I always felt a strong commitment to wanting to help me and for that I am most appreciative. I enter this application stage with a great deal of excitement as I want to be the best person I can be at this task as I know how important it is to each and every couple I perform a marriage ceremony for.  Every time I step up to perform a ceremony I want people to hopefully say  Wow he was good and for the work I perform to represent the excellent training I have received from The Celebrants Training College and you.  For that I thank you very much. John Huntington - Cert IV in Celebrancy

Sally, I cannot thank you enough for your thoroughness and attention to detail in presenting the content, as well as answering the barrage of questions fired at you. Your ability, knowledge and professionalisim is something that I can only aspire to. You are a pretty amazing woman Sally, and without doubt an absolute inspiration! Pia Webster -  Cert IV in Celebrancy -

Thank you – for the wonderful two days I spent participating in your Sydney Funeral Course. The information, advice and suggestions you imparted to us were inspiring. I can see why you are asked by celebrants to be their mentor, and why you have a successful business. You are down to earth, but professional at the same time. You were easy to talk to, and didn’t sugar coat things (which helped to keep some people’s expectations on the right track) Clarice - Sydney

I just wanted to write and thank you again for such a great training week end. It was so informative, lively and well presented, with lots of interaction and hardly a power point slide in sight - such a refreshing change! I really appreciated your generous sharing of experience and knowledge, and feel very glad I chose to do my training with you. ( I chose you actually because I appreciated your honesty when I was enquiring about the course). So much was packed into such a short time. Your passion and enthusiasm for the job has really inspired me.
Megan - Sydney

Thank you for a fantastic course, I feel really fortunate to have had such a competent and experienced teacher. Thank you Dianna Farrell

Studying to become a marriage celebrant has been a nine year dream come true for me.  I had been waiting for the right time with family and work commitments – and most importantly, the right celebrant course.  Now that I’ve completed it, I feel jubilant, and would humbly like to add, a little proud.  I’m a face to face learner, so the three days with Sally were fantastic.  Granted, you need to be self-motivated, but I only needed to ask and the support and guidance was there.  As challenging as it was, I loved every minute of it!  Sally has left nothing to chance, ensuring all her graduates are educated, encouraged and most of all, prepared to enter this wonderfully rewarding field of work.  Thank you Sally for being the best at what you do – it’s been truly inspirational.  To say I’m bursting with excitement is an understatement as I look forward to helping couples find the true meaning of their wedding day – the ceremony. Lisa Newman

Just wanted  to say a quick thank you for all you have done to help me out, particularly  over the last couple of weeks. It has been a pleasure having you teach me over the duration of this course and I look forward to (hopefully) entering the real world of celebrancy! Kind regards, Jack Blomeley

JackDear Sally, I wish to extend to you and your staff my sincere thanks for the wonderful three days at the Sydney training course that concluding on Sunday 29th July, 2012. I have gained some extremely valuable information and insight into the world of Celebrants and Celebrants training. The first-hand information and personal practical knowledge you passed on to us was very helpful. I now know that the three days will be beneficial in the long term to me and all the students and I am keen to progress through the course and go on to be the Celebrant that you and your staff would be proud to know. It could be assumed that with an extensive work history in the Public Service, that I have been part of some quality on-the-job training and professional workshops. I believe that the quality and delivery of the training that I received was first class and is the best that I have encountered. I would not hesitate to recommend any other prospective Celebrant to your training course and I wish you and your staff every success in the future. Warmest regards, Peter Wilson

Firstly thank you so much for sharing your knowledge over the weekend. You are truly inspirational. I have been reading books and studying your technique. I have a long way to go before I feel confident enough to do my first funeral however I know that when I am ready I would have learned enough for me to professionally feel confident to live up to the clients expectations. I would recommend your course to anyone who is thinking of taking this on. Once again Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge over the weekend. Kind regards Dee Middleton

I would like to give you a HUGE thank you for the way you ran the course this weekend. The energy and enthusiasm never wavered and I came away feeling really inspired and well informed. All the best Trudy Thurley -

Hi Sally, I just wanted to email and say how fabulous your course was this weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed your teaching style, which I found to be relaxed and engaging. I would like to complete the assignments, so if you would please email them to me, I would appreciate that. Thank you so much your your guidance and the offer of help for the future, which if I do pursue this avenue of celebrancy I'm sure I will take you up on. I still hope to be able to do this line of work, but have a lot of work to do before I get there, reading and research for me! Many thanks and very best wishes  Maggie Anderson

Sally, I am writing a small message to thank you sincerely for the wonderful training you conducted towards the Marriage Celebrant’s course.  I feel that by sharing your vast experiences, in a small group, we have a great start to our studies. Jenny Fisher

Dear Sally Many thanks indeed for such a splendid, professional weekend. Officiating for the bereaved at a funeral does require sensitive management and you managed to cover so much in just 2 days to prepare us for all eventualities. Your willingness to share all your experiences is really impressive. And, you made it fun too. I was recommended to attend your course by another funeral celebrant operating in Sydney. She said you "were the best in the business" and, after the weekend, I can confirm she was right. Hope our paths cross again All the best Ruth

I wanted to thank you so much for your time on the 3 day training. I have been in Real Estate and now the Motor Industry for many years and have attended a lot of training sessions and I must compliment you on the way you conduct your sessions. I was not for one minute bored or tired throughout the whole 3 days even though I was not well. You had some challenges in the group and you handled them so professionally and quickly to ensure the students gained the most of the training. As I had discussed in earlier emails I had commenced the Celebrant Training online unsuccessfully (with another organisation) and I am so pleased I didn't go ahead with this as I would not have had the experience of seeing how you conduct yourself and how much you give to your couples prior to and on their Wedding Day. You set a high benchmark which I hope when I am qualified I can also reach the same standard but would not have known this if I had not attended your training. Once again, thank you so much. I look forward to a continuing association through this course and also hopefully through regular OPD when available. Kind Regards Lisa Cooke

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how valuable your recent 'Legals Refresher Course', was to me. I have been a registered celebrant for over 4 years and always had some anxiety regarding the both the interpretation and implications relating to various legal issues confronted by Celebrants. The whole day was full of practical and logical tips, it was extremely informative and inspiring. I valued your insight and approach in explaining everything so well.  Thank you so much again Sally. I have come away feeling valued and thinking that I should have enrolled in your training sessions from the start.  Warm regards Joan Audino

Many thanks for the wonderful weekend of learning you provided.  The experience was very enriching and very helpful to me personally. Many, Many thanks and I hope in time to be able to provide a caring service to others, as you do. I am sure I will meet you again in OPD's hopefully. All the very best. Marcia.

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your course over the weekend.  I enjoyed it very much and will take away so many things from it.  I am very determined to begin my career as a Funeral Celebrant and will start to think about ways of marketing myself and the service I offer those in need.   I am also interested in hearing more about the 'mentoring' program you mentioned yesterday.  I think this might help me greatly. Cheers, Maria Sardea

Hi Sally, Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend.  It was a very nice group of people to learn with, and by chatting to them in the breaks, we all felt the same and thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I’m going to a wedding this afternoon and will be able to listen and look with fresh eyes. Monday will be my official first study day, and I’m looking forward to it immensely.  Maybe be prepared for a phone call…… Thank you again for such a motivating and insightful course.  I look forward to learning more. Lisa Newman

Sally, I cannot thank you enough for your thoroughness and attention to detail in presenting the content, as well as answering the barrage of questions fired at you. Your ability, knowledge and professionalisim is something that I can only aspire to. You are a pretty amazing woman Sally, and without doubt an absolute inspiration!
Pia - Nov 2011 - Cert IV in Celebrancy course

Dear Sally, I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable knowledge & clear guidance that you so willingly shared with myself and the others students at your most recent ‘funeral celebrancy course’.
I am an authorised marriage celebrant and it was mentioned to me by nameless sources within the industry that I could just ‘wing’ the funeral celebrancy and give it a go without doing any courses!? ‘After all’, they said, ‘you don’t need a ‘formal qualification’ to be a funeral celebrant!’ ‘If you can do a wedding, you can do a funeral’  right? WRONG!!! J This didn’t sit right with me and my intuition told me to do a funeral celebrancy course regardless of anyone suggesting otherwise.  Thank goodness I listened to my intuition!  It was recommended that I do your course and after finding you, I was able to confirm for myself that the funeral celebrancy is certainly not something anyone could just ‘wing’ if they plan on delivering a wonderful standard & high level of service. Your experience & knowledge is second to none in my opinion and the advice & understanding I gained from you was priceless.
I now head into funeral celebrancy with not only a new found confidence and positive understanding of how to deliver the best funeral, but also, the understanding that I will be handling people’s grief in the right way & most importantly, handling myself in the right way- within their grief! - Which was such an important part of the overall course. I also want to say thank you for going above & beyond to help me do a course during the week, this was so beneficial as most of my weekends are tied up with weddings- I really appreciated that.  A big & sincere thanks to you Sally, I am so lucky to have found you & so grateful to you for openly sharing your knowledge & guiding us so beautifully through your lessons.
Rebecca Brady - Melbourne - October 2011 course

I just wanted to say thanks again for the course – it was so valuable. I realise just how different the one funeral I have done would have been had I done your course first! We all keep growing and honing our techniques – or we die!  We all agreed we were lucky to be doing your course.  I had experienced your teaching before, so I wasn’t surprised at the quality of the course, even so I was impressed. The others were blown away by it – and very quickly said that they were impressed by you and the course.  Thanks again
Cheryl Calwell - Melbourne Funeral Course -
October 2011

Thankyou so much for an inspiring, thoughtful, informative and useful two days. I have taken away much to think about get started with and move forward. I am looking forward to a long and fruitful association with you and others who work in this rewarding industry
Margo Knox - QLD - October 2011 course

Your workshop at the CANZ conference was a consumate look at professionalsim in celebrancy. I learned a great deal and am inspired by your enthusiasm, your flair and your generosity. Thank you for every moment.
Lois B - CANZ (NZ) Conference August 2011

Prior to attending your weekend workshop I was a newly trained Celebrant but felt I needed that “little something extra”. Thank goodness I decided to “follow my instincts” because after completing your two day Funeral Course, it gave me the inspiration to take my work to the next level of professionalism, with confidence and ease. Sally, with Heart & Soul your ability to generously convey your knowledge very openly and liberally, is unprecedented and you display the highest standard of excellence and integrity in all that you do. I was extremely privileged to witness each student receive the maximum level of “nurturing encouragement and support”, to attain their goal for the weekend, which was a little challenging but well worth the personal growth. Your commitment and dedication to the Funeral Industry is profound and we are very Blessed to have you.
Lesley M. - 2011

I just wanted to thank you for the Funeral celebrants course that I did last weekend. I was looking forward to it even before it started but it exceeded my expectations.  The course was well developed, practical, interesting and most importantly, inspiring. Thank you again,
Nicky Solomon - 2011

I wanted to say thanks for the fantastic Funerals course in Sydney.  Every word of the presentation over both days was very valuable.  You are generous and sensible with your own stories and experiences, which I find invaluable. You were also very clever to find such a great venue.  Really comfortable classroom, easy transport access and scrummy food! I already have your terrific book. Best regards,
Helen Nourse - 2011

My relationship with Sally has spanned nine years. I met Sally through the business of Celebrancy. Sally was a leader in networking within the college that we both trained at, as well a mentor for many students. In her role she always made herself available to all who dealt with her on a professional level. I have watched her conduct her business with dignity, carrying out many duties that could have been detrimental at times. Her personal skills always made her a colleague of choice. Sally value’s the institution of marriage and I know she sees it as an important stability of strength and a constant in today’s society. She also respects that marriage offers individuals the opportunity to publicly express the love, commitment, honour and trust they feel in another person. Her training, as well as her own drive to constantly upgrade her own skills sees that she meets the emotional, physical and social well being of individuals that undertake her courses, as I have done over the years. Her courses cover not only the recommended content, be it marriage or funeral. But also insight into the logistical minefield of building a business from your learning’s with here. She is faithful to the institution of marriage and recognises the distinction between 'marriage' and a 'wedding', having been associated with so many weddings throughout professional life to date; therefore her teachings cover many years of practice and all the knowledge that goes with it. Through the assessments at the Celebrants Training College P/L course of study she has made it an important goal to research the major support services and agencies available to individuals whilst studying. Integrity represents the guiding principles Sally has built her life around. She is a person who demonstrates personal integrity daily; she is trusted by the people she encounters in her daily dealings. It is truly an example where actions speak louder than the words There is a consistency in her actions. There are traits that individuals will measure your integrity by. If these traits are things that you practice, people will be more likely to trust and count on her for that sheer honesty, which she possess just as I have done. She continually conducted herself with clients in an honest, non-exploitative and respectful manner.  She is committed to training, supervision and professional development with her clients as well as colleagues. Sally has warmth about her manner that far out ways many of our generation. Her people skills are excellent, and I am sure clients would find her a welcome and comfortable person to work with. Her personal characteristics include moral courage, dependability, commonsense, diligence, and sensitivity to the difficulties and needs of other people. As well her reputation for honesty and integrity in both professional work and personal life is an attribute that needs no scrutinizing.
Di Kleinert – Authorised Celebrant 

I have been involved with the training provided by the Celebrants Training College - Sally Cant over many years.  At all times I have found Sally Cant to be professional and readily available for assistance and help in all things related to the role of Marriage Celebrant.  This covers a mentoring program that I participated in several years ago, professional development programs over the last few years.  I have had a vast experience in Distance Ed as a lecturer at the University of Sydney and I can say with no doubts whatsoever that the training provided by Sally Cant is of an exceptionally high standard, the work is thoroughly prepared and also stimulating and challenging.  For any further development in the field I would not participate in anything other than the Celebrants Training College.
A/Professor Barbara Adamson - Authorised Celebrant

Although there are now other options for OPD in Darwin, I can't tell you enough how all my CMC colleagues and I are missing your very professional, stimulating and skilled training presentations. You have obviously had years of experience and we thought Darwin was so lucky to have you. I do so hope that maybe this year you will be able to return to the Top End.  I cannot emphasise enough that this is not just me talking. Your training sessions really are of such a high standard that anything less just doesn't cut the chase.
Wendy Kirke, CMC - Authorised Celebrant

I have completed numerous courses with you, including marriage celebrant OPD’s and a weekend funeral course. Even though the funeral course was wonderful, it was, at the time, quite daunting and until now, two years later, I thought it was something I could never actually perform. When my son’s best friend died a couple of weeks ago, his family asked if I could take the service and initially I said “no”….but after calling and talking to you and hearing your inspiring words, I decided that I go ahead, not just for the family, but for myself as well.Thank you so much for your time and support, which certainly helped me overcome my fears and also encouraged me out of my “comfort zone”. I know I would not have gone ahead without speaking with you. You are always so helpful and give so freely of your time. Your courses are always fun and informative and have helped me gain the confidence necessary to carry out wedding ceremonies and now, funeral services as well.

Chris H - June 2010

Dear Sally, My very sincere thanks and congratulations. Today's OPD was superb. Your presentation was, as usual, just superb. ....and you shared your knowledge and experiences so freely. Thank you.
Tony R - July 2009

Then you arrived in my life at the Belmont 16s, you turned on the sun with your passion and your experience blew me away.
Irene C - June OPD 2009

Thank you for the training today. It was awesome. Learned a few things I did not know. But it was also good to have a refresher of things I did know. Our rehearsals are done a little differently but one can often get stuck in a vein of some kind. The ideas I gained from your rehearsals today has given me new food for thought.
Pastor Alan - June 2008

Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop last Tuesday. I had heard how dry the legal stuff can be and I was delighted to find that I enjoyed it and it kept my full intention the entire 3 hours!! Your OPD came very hightly recommended and you certainly lived up to your reputation...I was disappointed when it finished!Good luck with all your endeavours, you deserve to do very well. I will see you at my next OPD. Take care,
Jenny K - Aug 2008

I would like to say that I found your presentation engaging, disciplined and worthwhile. The thought of 5 hours of PD at the end of a busy day did not exactly excite me but the time went extremely quickly. I appreciated you sharing so many of your experiences. All of the attendees would have a lot to reflect upon and utilise after your session – I certainly have. With thanks,
Lyn R - June 2008

Thank you so much for your tremendous training and support. I really enjoy your style and your lovely presence. You are an excellent mentor and a wonderful role model for celebrants who aspire to a high level of professionalism and excellence. Thanks again for a terrific day, I took a great deal out of it and I look forward to continued training with you. Warm regards,
Wendy - Melb May 2008

Thank you for a great day of insightful and relevant and inspiring training. I have found it such a wonderful experience to be trained by you.
Roz - Geelong April 2008

Today was so well done and inspiring. Thank You.
Barbara - Geelong April 2008

Just wanted to say thank you for a great seminar on Monday.  I have only been a Celebrant for two years and have done most of my training by correspondence so it was a great experience for me I really hope these training sessions do not stop because I found it educational and inspirational. I am looking forward to attending your next seminar in Brisbane! Kind regards,
Fiona L

I simply want to acknowledge the value of attending your training yesterday. The presentation was professional and the content accurate and informative and relevant. I found the group warm and relaxed and this was reflective of your skills. Again thank you and congratulations on your training skills. I will certainly take advantage of future training you offer.
Sally-Ann D

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your OPD yesterday at Tweed, thank you very much! Thank you for everything Sally, it was very useful and insightful to attend an OPD with you, a defend instructor for a change, and a different and new point of view, I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to spend this time with you,
Nicole B - June 2008

Thank for your good work today. It was direct and nourishing and I am grateful and I remain; Yours sincerely,
Frank L

Compliments on your very good presentation last night.
Vic - Ashburton July 2007 (Celebrant for over 30 yrs)

Thank you for making the OPD today such a worthwhile and enjoyable time.
Rosemary - Sydney June 2007 

 How can I thank you enough for your incredible support, drive, enthusiasm and lovable nature. We are the results of your tuition. Credible people become teachers but not all have the gift of teaching and you have it.
Bobbie - Funeral Celebrant Course Sept 2007

Sally, just to say thank you for an excellent training. Your presentation style was clear, direct, related to the reality of celebrants' experience. You made a potentially boring session of legality such that I doubt anyone felt 'eye glaze'. Your group facilitation skills were also very good - on many levels.

What was very obvious was that you, as a practising celebrant had first had experience of applying the legislation. Something that has always been seriously lacking in the previous presentations I have attended.I think the three hours for the legals is good as it allows some detail and depth.So, thank you for an excellent presentation. I hope we meet again when OPD time comes around again.
Barbara - Brisbane OPD Dec 2007

Thank you so much for a very stimulating and enjoyable OPD evening last night at Ashburton. I gained so much from your expertise and obvious wide and varied experience as a Celebrant. I feel sure I will be able to incorporate much of what you taught and showed us into my own practice as a Marriage Celebrant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights so generously.I wish you all the best with your future as a trainer.
Margaret - Ashburton July 2007

Thank you for a great day at OPD last Sunday week. It was a terrific day, very informative and inspirational. The best OPD I have been to! Thanks.
Alison - Sydney June 2007

 Was going to thank you personally for the training yesterday however you were swamped by so many people - I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the training - once again I came away form one of your sessions with more tips than when I went in. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. You handled the whole day so professionally. Many thanks
Andrew - Sydney June 2007

 Thank you for yesterday. I found the session very inspiring and helpful. I am very impressed by your professionalism and handling of the group situation.
Barbara - Sydney June 2007

Thank for a fantastic training day - i really really enjoyed it and learnt a great deal - so I am very grateful and feel much more greatly skilled than before i stepped into the room. ( ps and as a presenter? you were perfect!!)
Chris K - Sydney June 2007

I have been to your wonderful training courses, and take on board almost everything you say and do. Thank you. My own background was in training, so I can recognise the quality of your own training. Well done and thank you for what I have learnt from you.
Di - Nov 2006 

Thank you for the wonderful experience I was able to participate in yesterday in Geelong. Your leadership and facilitation were both excellent. The size of the group and the people involved made it a most worthwhile and satisfying learning experience. I came way with some new ideas and fresh approaches to add to my repertoire. I believe that it is important that we be prepared to grow and open ourselves up to taking on new ideas. I have to say that some of those writings that group members shared were absolutely inspirational. This was the first time I had actually done "live" OPD ( except for the compulsory units in previous years. Please put my name down for 2008.
Terry - Geelong June 2007

What a happy accident it was to have come across your name and then found that you were holding a seminar this Sunday... It was by far the best I have been to...
Thanks so much for everything including the lovely lunch...time keeping....interactive element etc. etc. Put me down for next year!
Gordon - Geelong June 2007

The day was absolutey worth it and great value for money. Loads of excellent tips and ideas that I can use immediately.The day went by really fast, so it wasn’t boring or stuffy. The interactive stuff was effective and we could see what Sally was talking about.
Tamara - Perth May 2007

I want to thank you for a great course you gave us here. I have been utilising the infomation you gave us and it is paying off. I have never felt so energised, after a course for a long time. I will be looking forward to what you have to offer for next years course. Thank you immensley.
June - Brisbane March 2007 

 Sally, what a great day we had last Wednesday. Thankyou so much for raising the bar on training. My last OPD was extremely depressing on many levels, not withstanding the drab room. It was a refreshing and inspiring day.
Deborah - Sydney March 2007

Firstly thankyou so much for the delivery and facilitation of the opd sessions. Your ease, the venue and the group all contributed to, not only a learning environment but an enjoyable one. I have attended two conferences and am convinced a smaller local group is the way to go with opds especially if there is an excellent facilitator.
Nancy - Melb Feb 2007

 First and foremost THANK YOU for a wonderful day, I found it inspiring, and extremely helpful, my best OPD so far, and will be certainly a pupil in any or all of the next OPD sessions you may be involved in.

Please let me know when you are holding any other session. Once again it was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you.
Judy - Tasmania Feb 2007

 Thanks for a great day. I just can't get enough info at the moment feeling very inspired after listening to you. Thanks once again.
Lisa - Tasmania Feb 2007

Thank you also for the great day, it's amazing how much you can learn in just those few hours, I especially liked the creative writing.
Diane - Tasmania Feb 2007

I really enjoyed meeting you on the weekend. Thank you so much for an informative and enjoyable day. I came home feeling enthused and confident, ready for my first ceremony.. I look forward to continued training and mentoring with you. I really loved learning from your vast experience.
Wendy - Wangaratta OPD Jan 2007

I just wanted to thank you for what was a truly beneficial training session last night. My head is overflowing with new ideas and I am feeling empowered to write my February ceremony. Your knowledge of the industry together with your positive personality is something I can only aspire to.

I am so glad that you have started Celebrants Training and I look forward to many years of OPD with you.
Monique - Ashburton OPD Oct 2006

I came home and spent some time going over all I had learned in that 6 hours, and I am thrilled to say I feel regenerated and very enthusiastic about going ahead with this as my profession.

I loved the intimacy of the small group, and the number of different perspectives which that allowed. I felt very supported by your opening remarks about asking questions, which let me ask what I didn’t understand.

Even though there were members of the group who were obviously from your own previous training, there was no feeling of exclusivity, and I felt the group supported each other under your guidance.

Thank you so much - I am definitely coming on your weekend in February and will be looking forward to a whole weekend just like last night.
Jen - Ashburton OPD Oct 2006

I had the best weekend, and suffered withdrawl this morning when I had to go to work. I must say, you are an excellent teacher. I was never bored, the time went so swiftly, and I believe that the weekend was truly great value for money. Congratulations!
Lydia - Ceremonies of Life Weekend Retreat - June 2006

Sally, your knowledge of ceremony is fantastic. You are an inspiration and a very positive influence for me. You are so generous with your experiences and knowledge of this area and I admire you for the exceptional way in which you share this with your students. You empower people to feel they can achieve and you give them the tools to do so. Thank you.
Debbie - Ceremonies of Life 2006

I feel privileged to have participated in your course under your tuition and with such high calibre people.

The last 2 nights have been so impressive with the creativity in the ceremonies, the professional standard of presentation and most inspiring to me is the bravery and trust of particular people in the group to present such personal and moving ceremonies.

Both in your marriage celebration course at Swinburne and the Celebrations of Life at Camberwell, I feel I have grown so much that influences many other aspects of my life.

The way in which you share your experiences and commit to ensuring that each participant is equipped with the ability to research the background and gather the tools to prepare a presentation, your skill in building each persons confidence and supporting their individual growth is very impressive.

The level of presentation reached by the students and the competence in preparing those presentations only comes with the very best of teaching, tutoring, experience and warmth of the teacher.

I am most appreciative to have been part of your class. Thank you.
Lynette - Ceremonies of Life 2006 course

You are indeed a wonderful teacher - generous with your time, enthusiastic, knowedgeable, thorough and well -prepared in your teaching. You are so willing to share your knowledge and support others in their quest to learn. I feel very fortunate that I have you as a teacher. Thankyou!
Lynne - Funeral Module IV 2006

May I say Sally, how much I enjoyed your workshop. You delivered it with panache and professionalism and your knowledge of music was quite awe-inspiring. Many, many thanks.
Brenda Joyce - OPD June 2005 Melbourne

Sally Cant is such a dynamic person, with such a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart; never ceasing to be of assistance, in person, by phone or internet. Thanks for all your help Sally.
Anne Overton - Swinburne Uni Graduate, Semester 1, 2005

Sally, You should take credit for this transformation. We would not have got to this stage without your instruction, support and advice. Thank you. Yes, I felt very encouraged today and proud to be part of this talented group.
Karen Leahy - Swinburne Uni Student, Semester 2, 2005

It was such a pleasure to meet you on Friday at the Seminar in Albury. You inspired me! and I thoroughly enjoyed the Music in Marriage Ceremony.
Isabel Dunstan OAM, Albury 1st April 2005

It was an absolute pleasure to have met you on Friday. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wonderful knowledge and expertise with me.

You have inspired me immensely! I have gone through my CD collection and have 70 songs to start off my collection and guess what????? I have just added 4 songs to my first naming ceremony - I get goose bumps listening to them! I can't wait! I really have taken on your advice of taking my PA system to every ceremony, so thank you, as you have done all the research, and I think the PA will be an invaluable tool. I am so happy that I can provide my clients quality music sound in ceremonies!!!!

I appreciate you sharing your resources with me. I look forward to the July seminar. Have a wonderful day and thanks once again.
Jane Harvey - Albury 1st April 2005

... what a great tutor you are. Over the years I've endured many tutors and you sure rank up there with the best of them. Thanks for your inspiration and wisdom.
Ginny Bydder - Albury 1st April 2005

I want to say thank you for a great day last Thursday here in Tassie. I found your presentation of the music OPD inspiring. The other important benefit for me was the networking and the confirmation that I was pretty much on the right track.

I did enjoy the day -It was just what I wanted and now I want more and more!

I have spoken to my colleagues, and told them of the day. I think we will make some moves to forming a group (probably informally at this stage) and involving you where possible. Hopefully! Thank you again Sally.
Jill Harper - Hobart 28th Jan 2005

I think we have established the nucleus of a great, like minded celebrant group here in Hobart with your help. So really, your January OPD was indeed very timely, particularly for those of us who were newer celebrants.

Of course the word will spread and the next OPD you will need to plan for a bigger room I think because of numbers.

Thanks Sally, for being so friendly and natural and for being so generous with your advice and assistance during our few hours together on Thursday. I am sure that my comments reflect the thoughts of all who attended. I found our OPD mightily beneficial and look forward to attending many more. Very best wishes,
Elizabeth Gray - Hobart Jan

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