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The qualification for Marriage Celebrants Certificate IV in Celebrancy (CHC42608) is being offered in class and via distance learning. The Celebrants Training College is NOT an RTO it does however offer accredited courses in partnership with Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd RTO 91070. Training and assessment is conducted in Agreement with Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd RTO 91070 who will issue all Statements of Attainment and qualifications.


Academic & Vocational Training  Pty Ltd RTO 91070



Classroom Classes - Face to Face

In the classroom you study an intensive three days face to face, with a very experienced Celebrant/Trainer,  then complete the assignments by distance. You do not need to wait for the course to start before commencing on the assignment work. You can commence some of the easier work and then join in with a face-to-face group. Students have a full NINE (9) months to complete the course from the day they receive their course materials.

Distance Courses - at home

You can start the distance course at anytime - and then you get nine months to complete it at home. This is studied at home online - once you are enrolled we send you the course material and you can commence studying. We give you as much assistance as you need - and our online forum will also be a wonderful resource during your studies. The qualification for Marriage Celebrants Certificate IV in Celebrancy (CHC42608) is being offered in class and via distance learning. The Celebrants Training College is NOT an RTO it does however offer accredited courses in partnership with Academic & Vocational TrainingPty Ltd RTO 91070. Training and assessment is conducted in Agreement with Academic & Vocational Training Pty Ltd RTO 91070 who will issue all Statements of Attainment and qualifications.


The following five compulsory units in Celebrancy must all be undertaken:

  • CHCADMIN305F-Work with the administration protocols of the organisation
  • CHCCEL401B-Work effectively in a celebrancy role
  • CHCCEL406A-Identify and address client needs in a celebrancy role
  • CHCCOM403A-Use targeted communication skills to build relationships
  • CHCCS400C-Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework

To meet the statutory requirements for registration as a marriage celebrant you will also need to complete additional units from the list of elective units which are mandatory for being registered as a marriage celebrant:

  • CHCCEL402A-Establish and maintain knowledge of legal responsibilities of a marriage celebrant
  • CHCCEL403A-Develop an effective relationship with a marrying couple
  • CHCCEL404A-Plan a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements
  • CHCCEL405A-Conduct and review a marriage ceremony in line with legal requirements

The four elective units being offered are:

  • BSBCMM401A-Make a presentation
  • BSBSMB306A-Plan a Home Based Business
  • BSBREL401A-Establish Networks
  • BSBSMB307A-Set up information and communications technology for the micro business


Why study with us?
What's different about us - We are practicing successful industry celebrants who are only more than happy to share our experience and resources with others. We are accessible to you at all times. A real person is there with you every step of the way via phone or email. This course offers you direct contact with your trainer, an online learning forum and high quality resources. We also give you 9 months to complete - unlike some other organisation that give you 6 or 7 months.

What is our success rate?
We are very proud of our 100% Success Rate. Out of our graduates we have a 100% success rate of those that go on to apply to the AG's dept and then being authorised.

Are there any pre-requisites for this course?
Officially there are no pre-requisites - however we would expect a student to be a good public speaker and actually enjoy public speaking. We also hope you have a good grasp of the English language.  You must have access to a computer and be computer literate so that you can complete the workbooks and return to us via email.

Why should I do the face to face classroom instead of the online?
There are many reasons why we suggest you join the 3 day class for this course. We did not create this course for people to study by distance unless they were remote - there is just so much to learn.
Firstly this course is not as easy as many people think it is. Secondly you will spend three days face to face with a very experienced celebrant and trainer that will guide and instruct you. One entire day is spent on the legal aspects of marriage, adoption, immigration etc and completion of forms. Thirdly you get to be part of a class - and that for many people is reason enough to join the class rather than study by yourself in a course that most people find much more difficult than first thought. If you choose online/distance we are there to assist you but you are not given that three days intensive that gets you so much more motivated and confident to attempt your studies. And lastly if you attend the three days you will find the assignments much easier to complete.

How do we support you whilst you study?
Unlike many other organisations we are here to hold your hand if you need it. Yes, you can get us on the phone. Yes you can email your trainer direct. Yes you have the trainers phone number. We offer the only online learning forum which gives you access to our Student Online Forum where you can chat to other students and trainers. We offer a Tuesday Skype Group - where you can login and video conference with a trainer and students. WE ENSURE YOU FEEL SUPPORTED THROUGHOUT YOUR STUDIES WITH US.

What resources are required for you to complete this course of study?
You must have a computer that has MS Office installed - as Word is the best software programme for completing your studies, you must have functional email as the assignments need to be emailed to us, you must have 4 people who will be there to assist you in conducting a full marriage ceremony for one of your assignments (5 people must attend the mock ceremony that you conduct), you must have availability to a DVD player to tape two sections of the assignment - 1) an interview with a couple (mock bride and groom) and 2) a full mock marriage ceremony, (bride and groom and 2 witnesses). If you do not have these resources we suggest you call us before enrolling. (We do offer separately an option to attend one of our Melbourne presentation days where students can complete the mock marriage ceremony in front of an assessor face to face to avoid having to DVD it at home - this has an additional cost.)

Are there assignments to complete?
Yes, regardless of whether you complete the three day classroom or study via distance - there are six assignments to complete. They vary greatly in content and time they will take to complete. If you join the 3 day intensive face to face class some components are completed in class. Then you complete the remainder of the assignments at home. If you enrol in the distance/online course you have the 6 assignments to complete.

How long does the course take?
We believe that most students will take anywhere between 3 and 9 months to complete this qualification. If you complete the three day face to face course this does fast track you somewhat as you have a trainer go through many items with you in class. However there is still 6 assessments to complete once you've completed the 3 day face to face course. The time it takes varies due to a number of factors - your level of education, your skill level and your ability to put time aside to study.

Can I do this course just to conduct one wedding?
So if your family/friends want you to complete this course so you can do one wedding then we would definitely encourage you not to enrol - there is far too much work for that and there are ongoing costs to being a celebrant. 

What qualification is required by the AG's dept to become a celebrant?
This qualification CHC42608 is what is required to be considered by the Attorney General's department for authorisation.Please note the Attorney General's Department has important information available to anyone who is thinking of this vocation. It is important that you visit their website to obtain necessary information before deciding on training to become a Celebrant. Please do not make a choice of course based on price alone - if you want to be an excellent celebrant then you need excellent training.

What happens after I complete the course? How do I then become a celebrant?
Once you have completed this course, and you receive your certificate you can then apply to the AG's department for consideration to become a Marriage Celebrant. Please check out the AG's website for further information.

Please note - there are new fees being introduced for anyone applying to become a celebrant. Please see next item for details.

Is there a cost to becoming a celebrant - and then keeping your licence to be a celebrant?
Please note the Attorney General has made an announcement on the 20th August 2012.
An outline of the key changes is set out in Marriage Celebrant Matters.  

  • new application charge of $600 (this will apply to anyone wanting to apply to become a celebrant)
  • annual registration charge of $240 (this will apply to anyone wanting to retain their licence)
  • an exemption processing charge of $30.

PLEASE NOTE - These new fees have not been implemented by the Federal govt. as yet.

What happens if I can't complete the course in the allocated time?

We give you 9 months which we feel is more than enough time if you are dedicated to your study. However - if we feel you have been studying well and you're close to finished you can apply to us for a ONE MONTH extension. There is a cost associated to extentions, which can be discussed at anytime. If you do not make contact with us before the completion date  - your course willl expire 9 months after your start date (the day your face to face course started or the date you receivd your course material pack from us).

Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy
Full details
are located on a check box when booking into any of our courses. We are not able to, nor are you entitled to a refund under Australian law, if you change your mind on the service, or your situation changes.  
Our refund policy is built upon the standard fair trading  legislation which states that you are only entitled to a refund if a product is faulty, or not fit for its intended purpose.

For more information please call Sally on 0408 691 405 or use our Contact Us form to send us a message.


1. Sally Cant has been a celebrant for over 18 years ? *Check the other provider and get the name of who your trainer will be and check on the AG website  to see how long their trainer has been a celebrant. (We suggest that if they wont provide the name of the trainer to you - then you should consider us)
2. Sally Cant has been training celebrants for over 10 years ? Check how long the organisation has been training celebrants
3. Sally Cant trained the Ongoing Professional Development of Celebrants for over 6 years ? Has the trainer trained the Ongoing Professional Development of Celebrants?
4. Sally Cant was one of only eleven national trainers of the law for celebrants OPD - chosen by the AG's Dept in 2007. ? Was their trainer one of those eleven trainers?
5. Sally Cant has conducted over a thousand weddings over 18 years. ? How many weddings has their trainer conducted?
6. We give you complete access to your trainer - phone number and email ? Does the other provider let you talk to the trainer who will be training you - before you book - and when the course starts. if they are not prepared to give you their details you should be concerned.
7. 100% Success Rate - out of our graduates we have a 100% success rate of them being authorised after training with us. ? Ask them for their success rate. How many of their graduates that apply to become a celebrant go on to being accepted?
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